These materials [KSRC evaluation proposal] look incredible to me and I can't think of a thing to add; they look very comprehensive to me. You have some of the best folks in the country looking at [the evaluation of your professional development system] so I certainly believe you will have a great end product.

Eva Carter
State Technical Assistance Specialist for ACF Regional VI
National Child Care Information Center

KSRC professionals have extensive experience in the evaluation of educational and human service programs, including process, outcome, and impact assessments. We will tailor our evaluation to the needs of your organization and stakeholders. Our team of evaluation experts can work with your organization to:

  • Provide developmental and real-time evaluations.
  • Develop and use logic models to understand your program's theory of change.
  • Engage in a participatory evaluation process.
  • Conduct evaluability assessments.
  • Encourage empowerment evaluations.
  • Provide developmental evaluations.
  • Assist in building evaluation capacity.
  • Provide training and technical assistance on performance assessment systems.

As well, KSRC offers an innovative conceptualization and set of methodological tools that can enhance many of the established evaluation approaches. Improving Performance in Service Organizations: How to Implement a Lean Transformation (Lyceum Books, Inc. 2011), which provides the framework for KSRC’s Center for Organizational Transformation and Innovation, provides a new set of tools for the evaluator’s toolkit.

The lean transformation model as articulated in our book is particularly relevant if your organization’s evaluation includes a formative component. Formative evaluations help organizations understand processes and their implementation and provide the needed data for making informed decisions about how to improve your programs.

Lean concepts and methods can be an instrumental part of an evaluator’s toolkit, as they provide a way to rethink our approach to evaluation and offer practical tools to improve the implementation of processes that are robust and ensure the achievement of intended outcomes.

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