KSRC researchers and subject-matter experts are proficient in applied social science research, including the design and execution of data collection, analysis, and reporting that is tailored to your organization’s need for data and answers to research questions. We have the expertise to design and conduct needs assessments, client satisfaction surveys, focus groups, community surveys, and policy research.

Our team provides all phases of analytic services, including:

  • Development of research design, such as surveys, experimental and quasi-experimental designs, field studies, content analysis of documents and records, observational designs, and focus groups.
  • Specification of sampling procedure, if necessary, ranging from complex stratified random sampling procedures, systematic sampling, convenience sampling, and snowball sampling.
  • Identification or development of research instruments, including structured survey instruments with closed- and open-ended questions, focused interview schedules, observational instruments, and rubrics for the analysis of documents and records. This phase identifies existing instruments, as well as develops and pre-tests instruments tailored to a specific research project.
  • Collection of data, as specified in the research design, which may include various methods to collect data, such as distribution of survey instruments via mail and electronic Web surveys, face-to-face interviews, phone interviews, focus groups, observation, and document review.
  • Coding and data entry, as necessary, using various analysis software for quantitative and qualitative data analysis.
  • Analysis of data, as required by the type of data, which may include quantitative and qualitative data analytic techniques, as well as univariate and multivariate statistical analysis.
  • Writing of reports in a format appropriate for the audience, using a variety of communication approaches, such as narrative and associated charts, graphs, tables, and executive summaries that highlight the research findings.
  • Discussion of recommendations, where the implications of research findings for policy and practice are incorporated into the final report, as well as in any briefings about research results.
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