Keystone Research Corporation Conducts Skill-building Session at Eastern Evaluation Research Society, May 2011

May 5th, 2011 | General »

Joyce Miller, Ph.D. and Tania Bogatova, MBA, ABD, of KeyStone Research Corporation (KSRC), conducted a skill-building session at the 34 th Annual Conference of the Eastern Evaluation Research Society, held in Absecon, New Jersey, May 1-3, 2011.  Click Here to download Session Handouts.

This session, Process Improvement Techniques for Program Evaluation: Adding New Tools to the Evaluator Tool Box, was designed to provide evaluators with the opportunity to address these questions:

  • How can you incorporate process improvement techniques to enhance your evaluation practice and your clients’ programs?
  • What process improvement tools can be used to identify opportunities for improved process design?

Specifically, the participants learned about the Lean process improvement approach, which can enhance the skills of evaluators and offer a new paradigm of process evaluation. They were introduced to new tools and techniques to include in their evaluator toolbox and acquired a set of tools and resources to address evaluation issues as they relate to decision-making, process analysis, organizational efficiency, and program effectiveness.

This book by Miller, Bogatova, and Carnohan, Improving Performance in Service Organizations: How to Implement a Lean Transformation, Lyceum Books, Inc. 2011 ( ), provided the framework for the tools introduced to the evaluators.

Quality improvement is at the heart of the program evaluation and yet these tools and techniques are not known or widely used in the field of evaluation. This workshop introduced new and nontraditional conceptual framework and methodology for evaluating organizational processes, which aim not only at documenting the current state of the program processes, but also at developing opportunities for process improvements to enhance organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

This methodology is an adaptation of Lean philosophy, which is used widely within business and industry (primarily manufacturing). The session highlighted a systematic and visual way to define and implement process improvement initiatives and introduced multiple tools, including value stream and process flow mapping. These tools can assist organizations and evaluators in accomplishing these tasks. The session also addressed both the benefits and challenges to using this approach with human service organizations. This interactive workshop included brainstorming activities, visual mapping, small group discussion, and case studies.

Click Here to download Session Handouts.

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