Keystone Research Corporation Conducts Lean Thinking Workshop at CAAP 2012 Conference, April 19, 2012

April 15th, 2012 | General »
Tania Bogatova, MBA, ABD, of KeyStone Research Corporation (KSRC), is scheduled to conduct a workshop at the CAAP 2012 Conference, to be held in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, April 18-20, 2012.  Click Here  to download Session Handouts.

This workshop, Improving Performance Through Lean Thinking, was designed to provide Community Action Professionals with a brief overview of a process improvement methodology that offers framework and practical tools for streamlining and creating efficient organizational and program processes and introduce them to additional approach to creating an effective organizations that is in sync with ROMA philosophy.   

This book by Miller, Bogatova, and Carnohan, Improving Performance in Service Organizations: How to Implement a Lean Transformation, Lyceum Books, Inc. 2011 , provided the framework for the tools introduced to the Community Action Professionals.

Click Here  to download Workshop Handouts.

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