Organizational Assessment

KSRC has a variety of assessment tools and templates that your organization can use to determine performance levels in a variety of areas. These assessments tools are designed using standards tailored to your organization’s assessment needs, which are used for a gap analysis.

Results of such assessments will help your organization identify the gaps between your current performance and the established standards. The gap analysis will provide your organization with a road map for change and quality improvement and build your capacity for performance excellence.

KSRC continues to add to its set of tools to assess performance in a variety of areas. We now offer the following assessment tools, some of which have been customized for our client organizations. However, these tools provide templates that can be adapted to specific programs, activities, or operations within your organization:

Online Organizational Assessment Tool

This innovative online organizational assessment tool is designed to easily assess your organization’s progress and build steps for your future. We partner with the Center for Nonprofit Management in Dallas, TX, to make this tool available to our organizational clients. The Online Organizational Assessment helps benchmark your organization compared to industry best practices and highlights areas for growth and strategic focus. Learn more….

Professional Development Registry Assessment Tool

This assessment tool presents the standards and best practices for professional development registry systems. It was originally designed for early childhood and school-age/after-care professional registry systems, including practitioner, training, and trainer registries. However, it can be adapted to assess registry systems for any professional field that needs to maintain a record and track the professional development accomplishments of its workforce. Learn more…

Technical Assistance/Consultant/Training Assessment Tool

This assessment tool, which can be adapted to the services your organization delivers, is designed to assess the level of satisfaction with one-to-one technical assistance (TA), consulting, and/or training that you provide to your clients. The results of these satisfaction assessments will provide you with essential information about how your clients perceive your services, which can pinpoint areas needing improvement, as well as identify those areas where you excel. Learn more…

Level of Proficiency in Knowledge and Skill Self-Assessment Tool

This assessment tool, which you can adapt to any specific knowledge and skill content area, is designed to assess an individual’s proficiency in those areas. If administered before and after an intervention, you can use this assessment tool to measure improved level of awareness and ability to apply the knowledge learned as a result of the intervention. Learn more…

Tobacco Control Program Assessment Tool

This assessment tool presents the standards of performance for Tobacco Control Programs service providers, including those that serve as primary contractors, lead agencies, and direct service providers. It is designed to assess the levels of performance of service providers within the context of their contractual obligations. Expected levels of performance (i.e., the performance standards) are compared to actual performance during a selected time period to make a determination as to whether the organization has met, partially met, or not met the established standards. Learn more…

Organizational Efficiency and Effectiveness Assessment Tool

Currently under development, the Organizational Efficiency and Effectiveness Assessment Tool is being designed as a reliable and valid assessment tool and set of methodologies to:

  • Determine the extent to which an organization meets established standards of operational best practice
  • Identify the aspects of business and operational processes where quality improvements should be made
  • Provide recommendations and technical assistance based on best practices to implement a transformation of an organization’s business and operational processes
  • Engage organizational participants through this process of assessment and technical assistance to build their capacity to apply the knowledge and skills of quality improvement to other functional areas within their organization. Learn more…
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