Organizational Development Consulting and Technical Assistance

To build your culture as a learning organization, KSRC will provide expert consultation and technical assistance to ensure that you have:

  • Very clear goals, priorities, and measures.
  • An alignment of goals and measures for people, for budgeting and financial management, and for assessing organizational results.
  • Leadership that understands and knows how best to communicate and motivate.  
  • Usable and accessible information management systems that provide timely data about performance and results.
  • Transparency with respect to what is going on, not only with managers but also with the people being served and others.
  • Trust in team efforts, allowing creativity in problem solving, encouraging risk-taking, and recognizing that failure is an opportunity for learning.
  • Opportunities to recognize and celebrate successes, particularly of teams and the whole organization.
Service Organizations

Improving Performance in Service Organizations,
How to Implement a Lean Transformation

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