Program Management

KSRC has a long history and expertise in program management for government and/or other public and private funding organizations. Our services include, but may not be limited to:

  • The design of operational systems including defining purpose, structure, required resources, and associated budgets.
  • The implementation of proposed systems, which will include hiring and training staff, writing policies and procedures, and evaluating performance.
  • Sustaining and improving operational processes over time.

The KSRC program management team will guarantee that your programs are operated within the framework of organizational learning, which supports a culture of continuous quality improvement and innovation. Moreover, we are dedicated to the principle of linking research with policy and practice. To that end, our program management services include:

  • Providing a program logic model to show how your program produces intended outcomes.
  • Monitoring regularly program progress, including your program’s implementation and outcomes.
  • Documenting how your program produces intended outcomes and changes the lives of people served.
  • Demonstrating your success and being accountable for services you deliver.
  • Responding to requests from funding agencies and other stakeholders.
  • Making informed decisions about how to improve your program midstream.
  • Allocating your resources efficiently and effectively.
  • Marketing your program using a documented history of success.
Service Organizations

Improving Performance in Service Organizations,
How to Implement a Lean Transformation

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