Center for Organizational Learning and Leadership (COLL)

There is no question about the great opportunity you afforded me. It was the turning point. Your early intervention was the instructional material I needed. Thank you greatly for all that…Again, thank you for your outstanding help.

Abdouleye Keita, Ph.D. Student

At KSRC we stay focused on your organization’s learning process to promote group problem solving and systems thinking that will result in a more productive and successful organization.

As a learning organization, you will be able to create, acquire, and transfer knowledge, as well as modify your own behaviour, to reflect new knowledge and insights. Successful learning organizations are able to use data and associated analytics on a regular basis, assess the implications for data-driven decision making, and make the necessary changes based on their analysis.

The building blocks of a learning organization are systematic problem solving, learning from past experience, and the transfer of knowledge through a variety of mechanisms. Building upon what works and changing continuously in an effort to be more effective is what organizational learning is all about.

The COLL’s team of professionals will provide you with a pathway to success through our organizational development consulting and technical assistance services.

In addition, KSRC’s COLL professionals can help your organization manage the change process through our training and education events that can be accessed on-line and in group settings, including the events that can be customized for your own staff.

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