Center for Organizational Transformation and  Innovation (COTI)

“…It (process improvement implementation) was one of the toughest things that I have done in my professional career but ( ) it was the best thing that I’ve done for myself and staff. We are still making changes J You, Bruce and Tania are not going to believe it ( I still can’t ;-) but we have NO data to enter…all of our data that was sooooooo backed and piled up is gone. I still can’t believe it. I knew this would make you guys smile…we were about 3 months behind maybe even more than that.”

Millie McDonald
State Director
South Carolina Center for Child Care Career Development

KSRC has the expertise to help your organization build systems that are operationally streamlined, accountable for results, and sustainable over time. We will provide technical assistance and guidance in your development of standardized, yet flexible, tailor-made work processes and organizational structures that will enhance and improve your organization’s efficiency and effectiveness.

As well, our model for assessing performance continuously and managing change over time will enable your organization to remain on the cutting edge through problem-solving methodologies that encourage deep understanding and innovative thinking.

Our expertise in process design and implementation is delivered through our proprietary approach to process improvement, You Get What You DesignSM.

A key factor for performance improvement in services organizations is the measurement system for gathering data to make informed decisions and issues and their resolution. KSRC will assist you in developing and implementing a measurement system that routinely tracks your organization’s performance in key areas. These process and outcome analytics will provide you with a robust model for demonstrating accountability and pursuing excellence in the services you deliver or products you produce.

You can learn more about our comprehensive model for performance improvement in service organizations in Improving Performance in Service Organizations: How to Implement a Lean Transformation (Lyceum Books, Inc. 2011), authored by Joyce Miller, Tania Bogatova, and Bruce Carnohan.

In addition, as a value-added service for funding agencies that outsource the design and implementation of program efforts, KSRC has a long history of program management for government and other funding agencies. We can partner with you to design and implement evidence-based programs and ensure accountability. Moreover, we will guarantee that your programs are operated within the framework of organizational learning, which supports a culture of continuous quality improvement and innovation.

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