Keystone Research Corporation Conducts Lean Thinking Workshops at American Evaluation Association Conference, October 16-18, 2013

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Keystone Research Corporation Conducts Lean Thinking Workshops at American Evaluation Association  Conference, October 16-18, 2013

Joyce Miller, Ph.D. and Tania Bogatova, MBA, ABD, of KeyStone Research Corporation (KSRC), are conducting a full-day, pre-conference workshop on  Lean Thinking for Program Evaluation (October 16, 2013: 8am-3pm)

This workshop introduces a nontraditional conceptual framework and methodology for evaluating organizational processes, with the purpose of improving organizational effectiveness and efficiency. This session will highlight a systematic and visual way to identify and implement process improvement initiatives and introduce key tools, including value stream mapping (VSM) and process flow mapping (PFM). The session also will address the benefits and challenges to using lean thinking within human service organizations. This interactive workshop will include role playing, brainstorming activities, visual mapping, small-group discussion and case studies.

In addition, the KSRC team will present a skill-building 1.5 hour workshop, Process Improvement Techniques for Program Evaluation: Value Stream and Process Flow Mapping, on Friday, Oct 18, 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM

This workshop introduces new and nontraditional tools for evaluating organizational processes: Value Steam Mapping (VSM) and Process Flow Mapping (PFM). These tools aim at pointing out opportunities for process improvements to enhance organizational effectiveness and efficiency. The tools are part of the Lean philosophy, which focuses on the reduction of waste within processes and on delivery of maximum value and benefit to the client. This session introduces participants to a systematic and visual way of identifying macro and micro steps within a process, analyzing these steps to identify waste, and developing a future state of the process where waste has been reduced/eliminated. The session challenges the traditional view of evaluators as observers of organizational processes and suggests that evaluators are primed to play a more involved, hands-on role in organizational process improvement efforts. This interactive workshop will include roleplaying, visual mapping, small group discussion, and case studies.

This book by Miller, Bogatova, and Carnohan, Improving Performance in Service Organizations: How to Implement a Lean Transformation, Lyceum Books, Inc. 2011 , provided the framework for the methods and tools introduced to evaluators at AEA.


To download handouts used in these workshops see:


    1)     Concept of Value

    2)     Types of Waste in Service Organizations

    3)     Examples of Wasteful Activities Found in Service Organizations

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