The Womens Radio Network Presents the Owner of Keystone Research Corporation

September 24th, 2014 | General »

The Women’s Radio Network Presents the Owner of Keystone Research Corporation, Joyce Miller

Erie, PA (September 3, 2014) – As a woman-owned research and consulting organization, Keystone
Research Corporation (KSRC) has been operating since 1980.  For over 30 years, KSRC has been assisting
organizations to link research, policy and practice and build their capacity for performance excellence.
Supporting government, education and social services agencies, KSRC maintains a professional,
innovative and dedicated work ethic to empower companies to overcome their business challenges and continuously
improve their performance

September 8, 2014 at 2 p.m. EST, the owner of Keystone Research Corporation, Joyce Miller, Ph.D., was
the guest on the Women’s Radio Network, WRNW1.  WRNW1’s famous host, KC Armstrong will be
interviewing Joyce about KSRC and the business philosophy she supports. Joyce will be educating her
listeners about the different services that KSRC offers and how they can benefit your organization. For
additional information please visit the Keystone Research Corporation’s website at Other
interviews with Joyce are scheduled for September 25 and 29.  Visit for downloads of
these interviews.

As women gather together and empower the minds of women all over the world, WRNW1 is there to
celebrate women like you. Be sure to visit  , where additional information on the
Women’s Radio Network can be found.  For all media inquiries or for interviews on WRNW1, please

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