KSRC can provide your organization the following services, enabling you to build your capacity for performance excellence:

Applied Social Science Research

KSRC researchers and subject-matter experts are proficient in the design and execution of data collection, analysis, and reporting that is tailored to your organization’s need for data and answers to research questions. We have the expertise to design and conduct needs assessments, client satisfaction surveys, focus groups, community surveys, and policy research.

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Program Evaluation

KSRC professionals have extensive experience in the evaluation of programs in government, education, health care, and social service organizations, including process, outcome, and impact assessments. We will tailor our evaluation design to the needs of your organization and stakeholders.

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Organizational Assessment

KSRC has a variety of assessment tools and templates that your organization can use to determine performance levels in a variety of area. These assessment tools are designed using standards tailored to your organization’s assessment needs.

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Process Design and Implementation

Our expertise in process design and implementation is delivered through KSRC’s proprietary approach to process improvement, You Get What You DesignSM. Using this approach, KSRC assists organizations in their transformation and innovation through process analytics, improvement strategies, and sustainable change efforts.

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Program Management

KSRC has over 30 years of experience in the design, implementation, and management of programs for government and/or other public and private funding organizations. Our program management team will guarantee that your programs are operated with the framework of organizational learning, which supports a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

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Performance Improvement

KSRC’s comprehensive approach to improving performance in service organizations uses a lean lens to analyze and improve operational processes in ways that enhance and contribute to organizational effectiveness. The methods articulated in Improving Performance in Service Organizations: How to Implement a Lean Transformation (Lyceum Books, Inc. 2011), represent an innovative application of lean concepts and methods to the service sector.

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Organizational Development Consulting and Technical Assistance

KSRC’s team of consultants will provide you a pathway to success through our consulting and technical assistance services. We will build your capacity as a learning organization, enhancing your ability to do systematic problem solving, learn from past experience, and transfer your knowledge in an effort to achieve performance excellence.

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Training and Education

KSRC’s trainers have a catalog of seminars and web-based training that will introduce your organizational members and stakeholders to the knowledge and skills needed to become a learning organization and to improve your performance. Training is delivered through either face-to-face or web-based events, which can be on-site and tailored to the specific needs of your organization.

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Speaking Engagements

KSRC can provide your organization with guest speakers in our areas of expertise for events you are hosting. We will customize our material to meet the needs of your audience and offer an opportunity for questions and answers as time allows. To further explore your need for a speaker, please complete our contact form or contact one of KSRC principals.

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Service Organizations

Improving Performance in Service Organizations,
How to Implement a Lean Transformation

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